Singing and grating

As this blog is at its first words when winter is approaching and Christmas rehersals are on the way, the sound of music is sometimes dictating unconsciously how I am going to introduce this creation of mine named “Toasts and Thoughts”.

The voice is making an effort not to stray off tune when “chestnuts roast on an open fire” as the head wanders and hovers above all everyday worries to make our nutrition healthy, cruelty free and affordable with the least effort possible. I am not a kitchen lady. I would rather spend free time reading, writing, playing music and twisting myself into animal shapes than taking the agony of standing for hours by that white worktop to cram a medley of out-of-times or modern day killings in baking trays. The myriad vegs, fruits and cereals can make life bright. Still singing of flying turkeys and reindeers, the feeling of “toughts toasting on an open mind” was the original archetype for this project.

Here it starts with the first open toast with chickpeas, fresh ginger, turmeric, tomatoes and chilli on wholemeal seeded bread slices.
I asked ginger and turmeric to warm up body and brain, as I learned to appreciate all seasons positively, but I am still very little resistant to cold. If the spices are kept in the freezer they stay fresh for months, let’s say the whole winter. I grated a lot of them for a long time, which secured as much time to think while grating (that otherwise can be boring). Toasting bread to top with imaginative combinations of veg, even leftovers sometimes, opens to new worlds of happy, blissful homemade lunches for days big with singing but still busy with all other chores’ mishmash.

If I wanted to abbreviate the making of this toast I’d have to use powder turmeric and ginger, then I would miss out on the immunising power of the spices and the taste would be completely different. Also, less time to think and sing that Christmas song.

Thank you for joining me!


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