The Stories’ Gardeners

Dale Chihuli at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

“Please”, Haroun said in his nicest voice, “What does a Floating Gardener do?”

A tangle of stained glass like a red, curly head

“Maintenance, answered Mali. “Untwisting twisted story streams. Also unlooping same. Weeding. In short: Gardening.”

Stories sometimes are tangled like a thick mane full of soft, flowing strands
Dale Chihuli creates innumerable shapes out of stained glass

“Think of the Ocean as a head of hair” said Butt the Hoopoe, helpfully. “Imagine it’s as full of Story Streams as a thick mane is full of soft, flowing strands. The longer and thicker a head of hair, the knottier and more tangled it gets. Floating Gardeners, you can say, are like the hairdressers of the Sea of Stories. Brush, clean, wash, condition. So now you know.”

Salman Rushdie is another story gardener and hairdresser. The wonder of reading “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” while enjoying a chai latte

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